Weeds? That’s what they all say. “Superfood” for thought.

One thing as I’ve learned along my herbalism journey is that there are a multitude of plants that are considered weeds but are very useful. Seen as “pests” and are, in my opinion, highly undervalued. I will touch on two of my favourites, Lamium Purpureum (red dead-nettle, purple dead-nettle, purple archangel.) and Taraxacum Officinale (commonContinue reading “Weeds? That’s what they all say. “Superfood” for thought.”

Helpful money in 2020, my tidbits.

Something I’ve been passionate about this year has been saving money. Especially with an uncertain economy where the pandemic is concerned. It’s become an art, for me. Now more than ever I see saving money as a smarter move over earning more. Because these days, “more” is hard to come by. I say, SPEND LESS!Continue reading “Helpful money in 2020, my tidbits.”