Artistic opinion. Black and white or colour? Why choose?!

I really enjoy the elegance of BnW. I like how the light and the shadows work together. I find that it can turn simple and otherwise drab images into bonafide works of art. Mind you, I can find beauty in anything, even that which is seemingly lacklustre to others. I may see a normal rock on the ground that has one little speckle of something that glimmers in the sun and it’s like gold. I adore all things art, and as I learn and improve on my own skills and abilities I keep loving it even more. I’ve found that I enjoy the processes of working with black and white images. I enjoy how you can take something as simple as an item or a flower which may already look awesome in colour but add a different feel to it. Play the shadows off the light and the light off the shadows! It is a lot of fun for me. -K.P.N.

Published by PhantomLife

My wife and I are always on the go. Always having a time! Snapping photos galore and creating our very own version of great art! Apparently we’re weird. Who knows? Join us on our adventures and you can be the judge.

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