Helpful money in 2020, my tidbits.

So, as you see, there are just a couple of handy little tidbits which I personally use myself to save and take back all I can! I call it, #takebackmymoney2020 and not only will it continue through the year but I will always look for more cool and simple ways to save and earn! I hope someone finds this as helpful as I do. And if not, I’ll continue to enjoy the benefits enough for everyone! Follow along if you can’t wait for my next money saving tidbits! I use many more, but these are my BFF’s as far as cash back goes.

Always looking for those savings! $$$

Published by PhantomLife

My wife and I are always on the go. Always having a time! Snapping photos galore and creating our very own version of great art! Apparently we’re weird. Who knows? Join us on our adventures and you can be the judge.

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