Helpful money in 2020, my tidbits.

The next thing I highly recommend is Checkout 51. A cash back app that allows you to shop for their offered brands and claim cash back on products you buy anyways. Like cheese. I buy a lot of cheese. Love it. And I don’t prefer a specific brand, it all goes to the same place. So if I buy the brands they offer, I claim cash back. They have a wide variety of selection so you’re bound to find a brand you’re willing to buy over another to take back some cash. As soon as you reach $20 or more in cash back you can request a check, they send it to you with your cash out amount, and boom! Winning! And of course, if I use my KOHO card to make the grocery purchase I get 2% cash back there, plus the cash back from Checkout 51. Even more savings possible if your items are on sale in the store already. Because you still get all of the cash back and take advantage of savings. Definitely my favourite services to stack! At Checkout 51 they even offer things like 4% cash back on Uber eats and they do a “pick your own” offer where you can select from a variety of fruits and vegetables! (Pictures below)

Uber Eats and “pick your own”.
“Pick your own” choices.

Also, Checkout 51 offers a referral incentive as well. If you refer someone, you both get $5 as soon as the referred uploads their first receipt! I’ve showed this cool little app to many of my family members and they’ve all taken to it well, and there was fivers flying all around! Another wicked bonus that is win-win!! Tell all of your friends, because I 10/10 do recommend! Use my link below to get us both a cool $5!

My very own Checkout 51!

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