Helpful money in 2020, my tidbits.

One thing I’d like to preach. KOHO. It’s a prepaid credit card with all kinds of outta control features. I practice everything I preach, and I absolutely love this! I have the premium subscription, which is $84 a year. Now before you get ahead of yourself, yes it’s a cost. You might think, how does that save me money? Well let me tell you a story. That gives you 2% cash back on your groceries, transportation (yes, gas!), and eating and drinking categories. While getting 0.5% on everything else!

Right from the source. (Above)

So, by funnelling all of your inevitable spending through there, that’s all money you would have spent anyway while getting nothing back. Unless, of course, you utilize another cash back option. Which is great! Good for you! I’m always interested in what others do. There are always new things to learn as tech advances and the world progresses! Just by doing your groceries and gas through this simple to use platform it will pay for itself in no time. One thing I like is that you can set a goal and automate savings there if you like. You can put all your cash back in there to save and use as you want. Just transfer it into your spendable. I also use their “roundups” feature. It takes the amount you spend and rounds up to the nearest $1, $2, $5 or $10. I let that build up and transfer it either into my savings as a boost at the end of each month or load it to my spendable and use it to lower my general living cost. I’m just as average as anyone, probably not quite as good at the tech thing as some. But I’ve never had an issue with their service or usability. Simple and easy! You can load funds on there via e-transfer, direct deposit or even link a bank account. I use the e-transfer. Very quick and, like I said, easy. Also, one thing I love is the referral bonuses! If you refer people, you both get an extra 1% for anyone who signs up and makes uses this handy little savings tool! Use my link/code upon sign up to help us both earn if you feel so inclined! (Below)

Kristopher has given you an extra 1% cash back to get started with KOHO, the smarter spending account.
Download the app
Or use this code on sign-up: Z5FK27MO

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