Helpful money in 2020, my tidbits.

Something I’ve been passionate about this year has been saving money. Especially with an uncertain economy where the pandemic is concerned. It’s become an art, for me. Now more than ever I see saving money as a smarter move over earning more. Because these days, “more” is hard to come by. I say, SPEND LESS! Or utilize the fantastic world of cash back when you need to spend. Cut costs where you can. I’ve been slowly but carefully trimming all of the “fat” out of my spending. By making small but effective adjustments to my subscriptions and inevitable bills. I ask myself, “What do I NEED?” and “How much am I consuming above that basic need.” One big one was my Telus bill. I have been overpaying for that for a long time but never really cared because it’s only money right? Well in times where saving money is just as important, if not more, than making it. In my opinion, of course. I managed to wrangle around $120 in savings off of my MONTHLY bill!! By looking at my usage and adjusting accordingly. There’s money to be saved in all kinds of ways. I’ll divulge a couple tidbits that help me take back as much as I can and beat my savings efforts into submission.

Published by PhantomLife

My wife and I are always on the go. Always having a time! Snapping photos galore and creating our very own version of great art! Apparently we’re weird. Who knows? Join us on our adventures and you can be the judge.

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