Art is my therapy.

I always try and make everything I do into an art, of sorts. Everything from photography and experimenting with various artistic mediums to my dabblings into finance and herbalism. My best asset I bring to anything is my creativity. But there are certain things that, for me, are just like therapy! Sitting down with some tunes, a canvas and some paints. Sitting in the yard and listening to the sounds of nature as I putter about my garden. There’s always a way to turn things into an art, as well as a therapy of sorts. And art is my therapy, most definitely. If I see something cool, I don’t “wish I could do that.” I find out how and see what I come up with. And nothing turns out as I plan, usually. But that’s the fun of art, there’s no one way to do it. And to me, that’s the therapeutic value. Allowing yourself the freedom of expression. There are so many points of everyone’s day where they have to do things, and do them a certain way. Art is taking something and putting your stamp on it. Making it your version of what you see. Your own imagining. I’ve never been good at drawing but I still try. I don’t let “not being good” at something stop me. If I can create something that I like and am proud of, there’s at least one other person that will enjoy it! Even if I produce something that makes one single person’s day a bit brighter, good enough. And the beauty is, I count. So as long as I can enjoy one little piece of everything I do then I’m winning. But I’d rather brighten more days. So I will continue to use my art as an outlet not only to calm my own mind but perhaps to inspire others to do the same! Find something you’ve always “wished you could do” and go give it a whirl. Look at Picasso, his art could have been done by kindergarteners, some might say. Others look at them as profound works of beauty. It’s all in the eye of the beholder, as it’s been said. Take music for example, I don’t have a specific genre I listen to. I’m open to try anything and within every genre there are songs and artists o don’t care for. But I still respect their art. Just because I don’t particularly like a song doesn’t mean I don’t see it as somebody’s artistic imagining. I listen to absolutely everything. I enjoy hearing art too. And music is also has a huge impact on my personal therapy journey. Music relaxes my brain, I find. That makes it a wicked addition to any of my other artistic dealings. It helps keep me on task and allows me to enjoy art while I’m doing my own art. And I’ll say this, art has one side effect for me; happiness. The more time I spend on artistic endeavours and expanding my knowledge, the happier I feel. Any time I need a mental boost I just do some kind of creative project, or spend some time learning something new or trying something I’ve never tried. Forcing myself out of my comfort zone and feeling the accomplishment of learning has a profound positive effect on me. -K.P.N.

Published by PhantomLife

My wife and I are always on the go. Always having a time! Snapping photos galore and creating our very own version of great art! Apparently we’re weird. Who knows? Join us on our adventures and you can be the judge.

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